Frequently asked questions

How did the One Barrel Challenge come together? Why these seven wineries?

Like much of the country, the wine industry is riddled with disparities on the basis of race. The One Barrel Challenge symbolizes a collective dream of making the wine industry more accessible and inclusive, regardless of color, class or creed. It was brought to life by a group of seven like-minded wineries who seek to break down diversity barriers, and their medium for contribution is wine.

When and where will the wines be available for purchase, and for how long? Are there quantity limitations on purchases? How much are bottles/cases? Can I purchase all seven wines together?

One Barrel Challenge wines will be available for purchase in participating winery websites and tasting rooms starting May 1, 2021. There will be a maximum of 25 cases/300 bottles sold from each winery, and they will continue to be sold as long as supplies last. There will be a limited quantity of seven-wine cases available at a later date.

Why are you partnering with the Maurice Lucas Foundation and how will funds be allocated in the community? How much do you anticipate donating?

In 2021, funds raised will benefit the Maurice Lucas Foundation, which honors late Trail Blazer and community pillar Maurice Lucas’ legacy in the Portland metro-area through its commitment to providing educational opportunities for marginalized communities. Together, the Maurice Lucas Foundation and One Barrel Challenge seek to create greater access to educational opportunities for young people throughout Oregon. With one of the world’s most celebrated wine regions, the Willamette Valley, in their backyard, many of these youth may have never previously considered a career in the wine industry. In the future, the One Barrel Challenge seeks to evolve, creating a scholarship supporting a diverse and representative wine landscape for future generations.

Will there be future releases of One Barrel Challenge wines? Will it always be the same seven wineries, and how do wineries sign up to participate in the future?

Right now, we are focused on creating awareness for this important cause. Based on the success of this first year, we will determine next steps and what expansion might look like for this program. We encourage anyone interested in learning more to submit their contact information on our website

What specific changes do you wish to make in Oregon’s wine industry?

With the goal ensuring everyone who dreams of engaging with the Oregon wine industry is given an opportunity, each of the seven wineries, which range from 50-year-old heritage brands to new labels, shares in their commitment to confront racism, injustice and the broken systems limiting underrepresented communities.